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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jim Schaal Catering Roanoke V.A.

Nobody does it better. Jim Schaal in Roanoke V.A. has the most acute eye for making everything he touches look fantastic. The flavor and execution are  a given. He has been masterfully pleased the most "Zilla" of the Bridezillas and impressed the most discerning corporate clients for years. Serving the greater Roanoke Valley he may be coming to a venue near you as well. Please check out his link above.

Coming from a catering background myself, I really miss the days when I could take a knife and mobile flattop grill and produce some goodies. Now most of the food I see is either in a brown box or in our Corporate Chef's kitchen. When I go see Jim I am amazed at what he does with my Brown Boxes of food. Just take a gander at the following Pics.

Mussels and Beer
Southern Foods Item 3999

Seared Rare Tuna
Southern Foods item 5056

My Favorite Bacon Wrapped Pork Sirloin
Southern Foods item 8250

Moroccan Spiced Cheese
Item 3438

Smoke Salmon Platter
Item 7479

Anti Pasta Skewers
Item number: Many!

More Mussels with Red Pepper

If you are ever going to crash a wedding or event, Make sure Jim Schaal is the Caterer!

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