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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Certified Angus Beef and Southern Foods Visit Back Creek Farm

Joe and Robin Hampton began Back Creek in Mt Ulla, NC in 1981. They breed Angus cattle which supply other farms with breed stock. Friday, Nov. 19th, Joe and Robin were hosts to us at Southern Foods and Certified Angus Beef. The Hamptons were nice enough spend the day showing us around. They have a beautiful farm just west of Charlotte NC with about 100 head of cattle. I had no idea angus beef was being bred right here in NC but Mr Hampton explained there are operations like his all over the country. In fact, the average farm has 30 head of cattle. When you think about the number of cattle needed to supply the world market for angus beef ,that's a lot farms. That means there are small farms in every community that you support every time you order Certified Angus Beef from Southern Foods.

I'm all about supporting local businesses, keep the money close to home ya' know. Now I have even more reasons to like Certified Angus Beef.. But what happens when try to get beef from a guy down the street direct? What are you getting? At best the local processors are state inspected and they sure don't have anyone on hand to grade the beef. Is it select, choice, maybe if you are really really lucky prime? You could be paying allot more to serve a tough steak that was a dairy cow last week. Wouldn't you rather support local farmers and get the quality you are accustomed to with CAB.

With Certified Angus Beef  from Southern Foods you get it all.. First you ARE supporting local farmers in every community across the nation. You also get all the quality assurances that come with the CAB brand. Upper Choice, "A" maturity, carcass weight under 1000# (smaller primals = thicker steaks!), modest or better marbling with fine texture and all the marketing support available thru CAB.....need I go on?
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