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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Free Range Turkeys and Tristan Lobster Tails

The Holidays will be here before you know it. Southern Foods has a few new items that will make those Holiday menus special..

Maple Lawn Turkeys are raised in those wide open spaces. They are true Free Range Birds. They also have no antibiotics, no water or solutions added, no additives, no preservatives, and never ever frozen. We are taking pre-orders now and must have them in before the 8th to ensure you take delivery before Thanksgiving. We have hens from 12/14 #, 16/18#, 20/22# and big birds at 24/26#. We are also featuring all breast meat 10/12#.

Now lets talk Lobster Tails... We are now offering Tristan Lobster Tails. They come from a small island in the South Atlantic , Tristan du Cuna. With 300 inhabitants whose main source of income is lobstering. This fishery is in the process of acquiring a green Eco-Label certifying them as  well managed and sustainable. They have 9 small open boats that fish the cold waters just of the coast. Seems like a tough way to make a living, why do they do it? Because, the Tristan lobster is the best in the World! They are highly sought for the delicate sweet flavor. You will not find Tristan Lobster tails in your local fish market, or middle of the road seafood places. You will only find them very high end establishments. They would look great on your Holiday menu.

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