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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome To Frenchie's Food Blog

     My very first blog post......ummmm....Hi........ my plan is to use this space to highlight news and events about Southern Foods, the wholesale food industry and YOU, our partners.  News...Southern Foods is very excited about our new partnership with Pate Dawson Co. We are determined together to become a "Super Regional" distributor. With our combined resources we deliver very competitive prices, and a very impressive assortment of ingredients. How many times have you heard from the "other guys" oh yeah, we have that, but...ummmm its in "remote stock" it will be in next week.....Southern Foods has over 5000 specialty items, artisnal cheeses, specialty oils, fresh truffles, custom cut steaks and seafood, all can be at your door the next day!
     Pate Dawson Co. brings three generations of experience and huge resources. The buying power of Southern Foods and PDC will bring great savings to our partners. Southern used to buy cases of this and pallets of that.... now together we buy train loads... what does that mean? Savings! Follow this Blog and  look for savings on Commodity Items every week.
      Also I'll post the Fresh Fish list ( if I can figure out how to link it) and news about new items as they come in. And, hopefully You will allow me to publish news and events about Your establishments. I would like to feature a Chef each month with recipes and photos , maybe video??  Chef Ed Badgett at Olde Mill does not know it yet but he may be my first umm victim?

Anyway, Please stay tuned for this work in progress, I hope it turns into something......

Best regards and keep cooking....

Matt French


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